This week we welcome Mark Joe to the show. Mark is the owner of Omen Coffee here in St. Louis, MO. In this episode we discuss the challenges of opening a brick and mortar coffee shop compared to running an online business, as well as exploring the fear of failure and the tendency to settle for mediocrity. Mark shares his experience of finding peace and gratitude in prison and the importance of not letting fear hold you back, and discusses the fear of not giving it your all and the desire to make the most of every moment.

He shares his personal journey of finding happiness through being present, grateful, and doing his best in every moment. Mark also talks about the obligation to participate in building a better community and the desire to inspire and bring light to others. The conversation concludes with the power of celebrating little wins and the impact of being a life-giving person.



Thanks for joining us for another episode! This week we welcome Matt Lee to the show. He is the founder of Team Waves, and shares his journey from starting an online fitness coaching business to going full-time with it. He discusses the inspiration behind the Team Waves brand and how it is connected to his love for the Jersey Shore.

Matt also highlights the importance of having a coach and the impact of playing collegiate sports on his mindset. He emphasizes the value of enjoying the journey and making gradual progress in fitness and life, and discusses the dangers of rapid progress and the need to create sustainable habits. Matt shares his personal experience of rebounding after shows and the importance of learning from those mistakes. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of enjoying the journey and reflecting on personal achievements.


This week we are happy to welcome Casey Gilbert to the show. In this conversation, Casey discusses the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with the right people. He shares a powerful experience of seeing his sister's artwork in an Airbnb in Montana, which served as a sign that he was in the right place.

He also talks about his preparation for the Leadville 100 race and the mindset required to achieve challenging goals. He highlights the value of patience, consistency, trusting the process in various aspects of personal and professional growth, defining success and self-worth, and the importance of being present.


Welcome back to the show, this week we are joined by my business partner and friend, Bakker Shields. In this episode, Bakker discusses the importance of relationship building, overcoming challenges in the SaaS world, and the levels of problem-solving. He emphasizes the need for persistence and continuous innovation in business, and highlights the significance of understanding clients and industry trends, building trust and connection, and leading by example.

He also talks about the value of content creation, personal branding, and giving away information while selling implementation. We then start the conversation around the government ban on TikTok, including the reasons the government is citing for the initiative. The conversation continues with the idea of a potential power play in TikTok's sale, the impact of TikTok's ban on businesses, the line of control and freedom, the uncertainty of TikTok's future, and the importance of building your own database.


This week we are happy to welcome Colin Wayne to the show. Colin is a successful entrepreneur and military veteran, and we go way back. In this episode Colin discusses his journey from the military to entrepreneurship, the importance of focusing on one thing at a time, and the myth of multiple streams of income. He shares his experience overcoming setbacks and taking risks, as well as the defining moments in his life.

He emphasizes the importance of finding joy and balance in life, aligning personal values with business, and setting goals and deadlines. Colin also provides insights into scaling a business and effective advertising strategies. He also highlights his take on the biggest mistake in business, which is the lack of diversification, and encourages entrepreneurs to explore different market opportunities. Colin's main takeaway is to have faith in yourself, apply effort, and be resilient in the face of challenges.


Hello again, thanks for joining us for episode 21! In this episode, we welcome George Bryant, who is a marketing and customer journey expert. He starts by discussing the customer journey and the importance of understanding the sales cycle. He emphasizes the need to focus on the 97% of customers who are not ready to make an immediate purchase, and also highlights the importance of addressing the post-purchase phase and ensuring that customers feel supported and guided.

The conversation covers common mistakes in the customer journey, such as the zone of doubt, the inverse journey, and drowning the journey. George stresses the importance of meeting customers where they're at and providing clear next steps. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the significance of building relationships and prioritizing customer success, because relationships beat algorithms.


Thanks for joining us again! This week we welcome Jason Bockman to the show. Jason is a successful entrepreneur with a variety of businesses, ranging from donut shops, to a farm, to real estate, and even owns a restaurant. We discuss Jason's journey, from starting with a hot dog stand, to selling and starting new businesses, which all taught him valuable lessons. Jason shares his experience of creating funny videos and building a brand, as well as his time living in Hong Kong and China, which had a deep impact on him and his point-of-view.

Jason also speaks about being a father, and how that is the single most important aspect of his life, and how it impacts his life and day-to-day decision making. Jason's motivation comes from seeing others succeed and helping them along the way, and he reflects on the meaning of success and happiness, realizing that outward appearances have little to do with inner fulfillment. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with encouraging people who want to see you succeed, and explores the power of an abundance mindset and the role of manifestation and positive thinking in achieving goals. The conversation concludes with expressing appreciation for personal growth and the importance of raising children with strong values.



Welcome back to the show! This week we welcome Shaun Vasquez of Pride Foods. In this conversation, Shaun discusses the journey of starting Pride Foods and the importance of maintaining high standards and quality. He also reflects on his experiences in bodybuilding and the lessons learned from being selfish in pursuit of success. Shaun shares his insights on forgiveness and the power of emotional release, and emphasizes the importance of being a good human being, and finding the right tools and modalities to release emotional pressure.

He also discusses the importance of self-awareness, seeking awareness through books and podcasts, avoiding distractions and lowering vibration, and sitting with yourself and embracing stillness. He then introduces Apogee Education as a disruptive Socratic-based education system, which opens in OKC in the Fall, and the impact of education on future generations. He closes with the concept of realizing self-worth and making an impact, and becoming a lighthouse for others.


Thanks for joining us again! This week we welcome Grant Dziak, a life coach, who shares his journey and insights on topics such as behavioral psychology, embodiment, and emotional mastery. In our discussion, Grant emphasizes the importance of facing discomfort and acknowledging pain in order to overcome challenges, and the role of masculinity and the need for emotional regulation.

He highlights the power of awareness and the impact of habits and patterns on our lives, and focuses on helping individuals connect with their intuition and navigate their personal journeys. He also explores the tendency to move away from pain and rejection, and the need for validation and permission from others. The conversation concludes with the idea that there is always a better way to live and the importance of striving for personal growth.



Hello, thank for joining us again for episode 17! This week we welcome Bradley Goldman to the show. In this episode he shares his journey of starting a business that helps menopausal women and busy parents with science-based approaches to weight loss. He discusses how he came to work with Jennifer (his wife) and the growth of their company within the Peloton community.

Bradley emphasizes the importance of hiring experts and staying in your lane when it comes to providing weight loss advice. He also highlights the need for more education in nutrition for doctors. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the power of insights, interactions, impact, and income in building a successful business. Ultimately, he and Jennifer aim to change the narrative in the industry and provide a better experience for clients.


This week we welcome Brendan Meyers, a fitness entrepreneur, calisthenics enthusiast, and coach. In this episode, Brendan shares his journey in the fitness industry and building multiple businesses. He discusses how he used Facebook to grow a large following and the strategies he employed to gain traction. He also talks about his experience living and working abroad, and emphasizes the importance of trusting your intuition.

He then introduces MyCoach AI, an all-in-one platform for coaches, and highlights the need for simplicity and automation in coaching businesses. Brendan shares his experience of following his passion and intuition, even when it means walking away from a dream. The conversation highlights the value of financial freedom and the impact of money on relationships, as well as emphasizes the importance of gratitude and money management.


Welcome back to the show! This week we welcome Brent Kromer, a fitness coach who helps other coaches supercharge their coaching businesses. He discusses his experiences and insights in the field of sales, and emphasizes the importance of sales skills and the challenges that coaches often face in selling their services. He also discusses the need for a professional setup in sales calls and the benefits of personalized lead nurturing.

The conversation highlights the difference between one-call close and two-call close approaches, and the importance of guiding the customer journey. Brent also covers topics such as congruence in coaching, handling objections, closing high-ticket sales, booking future calls, the motivated window for sales, and meeting customers where they're at.

@masoncmahoney @audreyyadamsfit

Thanks for joining us again for another episode! This week we welcome Mason and Audrey to the show, where they discuss their journey in the fitness industry, starting a business together, and their experience speaking on stage. They also talk about the importance of nurturing relationships with clients, the roles they play in their business, and their projections for the future.

They share their insights on organic growth, the challenges of scaling a business, and the value of investing in mentors. They also discuss their decision to write a book, the impact it has had on their business, and how to utilize it as a lead magnet. The conversation covers not only effective lead magnets, but also lead generation strategies. They discuss the importance of learning from mistakes, and also touch on managing Instagram DMs, believing in oneself, and their future plans for their business.


This week we are very happy to welcome Brad Bromlow to the show. In this episode Brad shares his journey as an entrepreneur and the growth of his cookie business, Fat and Weird.

He discusses the challenges and setbacks he faced along the way and the importance of resilience. He also talks about the unique marketing strategies he employs, including creative cookie names, as well as emphasizing the significance of outsourcing customer service and the value of maintaining a work-life balance.

Overall, Brad's story highlights the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and faith in building a successful business. The conversation also delves into the finite lifecycle of social media influencers and the importance of building a business beyond influencer status. He closes by emphasizing the importance of gratitude for the journey, as well as the need to embrace discomfort and build resilience.


Welcome back to the show! This week we welcome Brian Tweer to the show. Brian owns Jersey Shore Supplements store, as a well as AstroFlav, which is his own line of supplements. In this episode he shares his journey in the supplement industry, from starting his first store to expanding to multiple locations.

He discusses the challenges of balancing creativity and operations, the importance of persistence and vision, and the value of honest feedback. He emphasizes the need for genuine relationships with customers, the power of innovation in the industry, as well as the importance of mental health and personal growth.

Brian also highlights the power of seeing and hearing others, as well as the role of support in overcoming adversity. He discusses his vision for growth and expanding brand awareness, the importance of trusting in oneself, and encourages persistence and faith as the keys to success.


Thanks for joining us again. This week we welcome Will Girone, an online fitness coach who has not only had great success in the online coaching world, but also specializes in helping other online coaches achieve great results. If you are an online coach, you don't want to miss this one.

In this conversation, Will shares his expertise on helping fitness coaches launch and scale their online businesses, and emphasizes the importance of taking action and implementing daily disciplines to overcome the fear of failure. He also highlights the correlation between fitness and business success, emphasizing the need for measurement and tracking in both areas, as well as discussing the cyclical nature of business and the value of having a mentor who has experienced the different seasons of entrepreneurship.

Will shares his own journey into the business of online coaching and the importance of leveraging personal connections on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He also provides insights into pricing strategies for coaches and the benefits of phone call check-ins to keep clients accountable, and concludes with the importance of simplifying and focusing on one strategy to achieve success.



Welcome back to the show! This week we chat with Dustin Holston, a transformational coach, who has changed the lives of thousands of people through weight loss, and has helped over 300 people lose 100 lbs. or more.

He shares his expertise in helping clients lose weight, and emphasizes the importance of providing the right plan and consistent accountability to help clients achieve their weight loss goals. Dustin also discusses the challenges he faced when transitioning from a corporate job to coaching and the value of mentors in his journey.

He highlights the significance of building a strong team and leveraging individual strengths. Additionally, Dustin shares inspiring stories of clients who have overcome obstacles and achieved remarkable transformations, and discusses his approach to helping people with PCOS and infertility.



Hello there, thanks so much for joining us again. We are joined this week by Clayton Snyder, a fitness coach, specializing in online coaching for busy moms, which has helped hundreds lose weight and get healthy.

In this episode, Clayton discusses the importance of consistency in building a business and the monotonous work that goes into it. He shares his journey from working in the hospitality industry to starting his own fitness-related business. He emphasizes the value of mentorship and investing in oneself, and talks about his experience with AR and the positive impact it has had on his business.

He also emphasizes the importance of delivering results and building strong connections with clients, and shares his biggest takeaway from working with clients. The conversation concludes with a focus on the importance of making it about others and finding fulfillment in helping others succeed.


Thank you for joining us again for our conversation with KC Miller. KC is the CEO of Thriving On Coaching, where she and her team help people with not only their health and fitness, but in life in general.

In this episode, KC shares her journey of taking risks, embracing change, and becoming the hero of her own story. She emphasizes the importance of pursuing fulfillment over comfort and encourages listeners to go after what they truly want in life, even if it scares them.

She also discusses the mindset shift from being a damsel in distress to taking ownership of one's situation and making positive changes. She highlights the value of learning from failures and loving the process of winning.


Hello again, and welcome back to the show. This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Coates. Andrew is wildly successful in the online coaching world, although he does in-person coaching as well, and has written for well known fitness publications including Men's Health, Testosterone Nation, Muscle and Fitness, Generation Iron, and Kabuki Strength.

He has a very diverse professional background, even owning a night club at one point, before finding his true calling as a Fitness Trainer.

In this episode we get into what led him to the fitness industry, his thoughts on social media, his insights into human psychology, his experience as a speaker, and his take on developing strong relationships and promoting people who are interested in, and contributing to, your success.



We're very excited to have Alex Gibson on the show this week. Alex is a Pro bodybuilder, former D1 football player, has a degree in Political Science from Columbia University.

He is also a fitness trainer with his company TNT Transformations, and has scaled to a multi six-figure enterprise through his expertise in manipulating body composition, and his social media presence. In this episode we talk about his background, what led him to bodybuilding, and even a near death experience which changed the course of his life.

He stresses the importance of reinvesting when growing a business, hiring mentors who can guide you along the way, working hard and focusing, but also learning to have balance in your life to avoid burnout. For our foodie listeners out there, we even get into a little chat about some great bars and restaurants in New York City. Enjoy the episode!



Thanks for joining us again, this episode we welcome Brandon Groux to the show. Brandon is a breathwork facilitator with his company Aura Breathwork, and is also a breakup recovery coach.

The collapse of his own relationship was the catalyst in taking up the call to help others experiencing the same anguish and depression felt after breakup. Brandon is a huge proponent of overcoming victim mentality, transforming it into gratitude, and taking it as a lesson that adds to your life, rather than subtracting from it.

He also discusses the importance of breathwork, and how to incorporate it as a vital tool into all areas of your life.



We're back this week with Adrian Stover. In this episode we talk about his background as an athlete, and how he got started in the bodybuilding world. Adrian is a BS in Kinesiology, and has taken that knowledge and applied it in his coaching career with his company Ascend Fitness.

He talks about the importance of not just the science of bodybuilding, but also the discipline, and how your mindset can make all the difference in prep.

He also stresses the importance of posing, which is absolutely vital in competition, and how taking the time to learn posing can make all the difference when it comes time for judging.



We are joined by Matt Vincent of Highland Games and Not Dead Yet (formerly HVIII Brand) Apparel.

Matt is an author, speaker, athlete, entrepreneur, and an all around inspiring human. In this episode we discuss a bit of Matt's background in the Highland Games, in which he is a 2-time World Champion, and how the skills and discipline learned through that pursuit, has carried over into the rest of his life.

Matt is also a motivational speaker and life coach, regularly holding retreats aimed at helping others realize their power, and making the most of the time we've all been given.



Thank you for joining us again for Episode 02 with Cavan Valance. In this episode we discuss Cavan's experience with being unhealthy, unmotivated, and over 300 lbs, to becoming a fitness coach, mentor, and speaker.

He talks about losing his father and the impact that had on him, his mindset, and how to flipped the situation from that of overwhelming sorrow, to that of determination and gratitude.

Cavan has helped thousands of people through his coaching and mentorship community Hidden Summit, and is a consistent beacon of health, inspiration, and support.



It's our first ever episode and we are joined by Jared Hamilton. He is a coach and trainer who achieves great results by focusing primarily on the psychology of fitness and weight loss.

His philosophy is "dieting from the inside out," which also happens to be the name of his podcast. We learn about effective techniques in overcoming the mental hurdles associated with fitness/weight loss goals, and the techniques translate over to pretty much any challenge you will encounter in life.

Jared came up with a thought experiment called the "coma letter," which is an incredibly powerful tool to help you put your life into perspective to help you realize your greatness, and kickstart the process of transforming into your best self.

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